Thursday, May 25, 2017

GAZM Interview

An interview in the recent issue of MRR on GAZM from Montreal. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Radio - Sunday May 21 2017

Tonight's show focuses on music with a Freddy Pompeii tribute and lots of new material including a demo feature from a new oi inspired band out of St. John's called Lion's Share. Listen on the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

NOMEANSNO – Victoria (Wrong)

CRUZ DE NAVAJAS – Esclavas (Self-Released)
RACE CAR - Government Funded Terror Lunch (Self-Released)
CLOUDGAYZER - Cut + Scrape (Self-Released)
VELVET SUNSHINE – Retrograde (Self-Released)
S.B.F. - Halved Snake (Self-Released)

THE SECRETS – Teenage Rampage (Other Peoples Music)
BLUE PETER – Same Old Place (Ready)
THE DIODES – Teenage Nation (Epic)
TEENAGE HEAD – Ain't Got No Sense (Inter Global Music)

LONG KNIFE - Only a Reflection (Beach Impediment)
DRUJ - White Devil (Self-Released)
LACE - Youth Hinge (Self-Released)
D-SAGAWA - Destroy Me (Self-Released)
HYANE – Systemabsturz (Self-Released)
TOTAL REALITY - Trigger Time (Self-Released)
FLUKE - War on Hate (Self-Released)

BULLET PROOF LOVERS – I Am My Radio (Ghost Highway / Rum Bar)
CONTROL FREAKS – Blowtorch Love (Slovenly)
THE BRIEFS – Poor and Weird (Dirtnap)
THE CAVEMEN – Death Row (Slovenly)
THE SAFETY PINS – We are Trash (Empty)

JUDY AND THE JERKS – Destroix (Self-Released)
FRIED EGG - Halfassed Hand (Beach Impediment)
ESPEJOS – Waiting (Self-Released)
ANTI-SEED - @nti Seed (Self-Released)
WILD ROSE - Fanatic Heart (Self-Released)

CARDBOARD BRAINS – Steppin Stone (Redrum)
THE B GIRLS – Boys are Drinking (Other Peoples Music)
ZRO 4 – Gimmie Attention (Punk History Canada)
POINTED STICKS – The Witch (Quintessence)

DROP IN – Intact (Self-Released)
FRAMECODE – They (Self-Released)
RATAAPUNK - Contra la Policía (Self-Released)
P.E.A.R.L. - Fight Us (Self-Released)
SECT MARK - Old (School) (Self-Released)
RASHOMON - Corpse Syndrome (Self-Released)
SUZI Q – Unmelted Pure Crystal Dream (Self-Released)

DESCENDENTS - No Fat Burger (Epitaph)
FRENZAL RHOMB -Storage Unit Pill Press (Fat Wreck)
FASHIONISM - One Shot (Neon Taste)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from St. John's Newfoundland featured in the New Blood section of MRR. Recorded by Luke Mumford of GENETIC ANGRY fame, who has recorded many bands from Halifax. This recent demo can be download from bandcamp.

LIONS SHARE – Wasted Moments (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Light Duty (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Mental Break (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – War Boots (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Cyber Worlds (Self-Released)
LIONS SHARE – Streets of Rage (Self-Released)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Radio - Sunday May 14th, 2017

The bi-annual fundraising show. We want to thank all the folks who donated (Greg/NDY, Louanne, Al, Paul, John, Dave, Derek, Shawn, Gary, Jon, Gabby, Shawna, Jeff, Steve, Sue) and Rayne who answered phones and operated the phone room single handedly. You can download the show here.

CULTURE SHOCK - Someone Has to Pay (Alternative Tentacles)

CRASS - Mother Love (CRASS)
MOTHERFUCKERS - Punk Rock Group Therapy (CIUT)

NDY Shows that you can win tickets for
CRUDE – The Earth (HG Fact)
EXTREME NOISE TERROR – Chained & Crazed (Agipunk)
IRON LUNG – Stench (Iron Lung)

Tickets for the screening of Hardcore Logo
HUGH DILLON AND SWAMP BABY – Something’s Gonna Die Tonight (Velvel)
THE LOOTERS – La La La (Rhino)
IGGY POP – Repo Man (San Andreas)

Punk Rock songs about radio
VICE SQUAD – Punk Rock Radio (Last Rockers)
CODIGO NEUROTICO - Radio Libre (Illa)
THE BITY – Radio (Self-Released)
THE BEANS - All Night Radio (Jump)

Some other bands that we have tickets for
ROSE MCDOWALL – Cut with the Cake Knife (Bar Fairy)
SHEER MAG – Nobody’s Baby (Static Shock)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS – Stupid Songs (Fringe)

Number one picks from my top 10s over the past six months
CORRECTIVE MEASURE – Break You Off (Refuse)
DEPROGRAM – Depersonalize (Self-Released)
HEAT – The Myth (Deranged)
BRUTAL YOUTH – Whiteway (Stomp)
MIND TRAP – Lifer (Refuse)
WARTHOG – Functioning World (Beach Impediment)

TV FREAKS – Pusher (Schizophrenic)
THE RIPTIDES – Baby Bottle (Unreleased)

Monday, May 8, 2017

Radio - Sunday, May 7th, 2017

Download the show here.

KICK IT! - Refugees Welcome (Self-Released)

LIMP BLITZKRIEG - Nowa Wojna (Trujaca Fala)
SOTATILA - Vittupäiden Valtakunta - Näpit Irti (Kamaset Levyt / Plague Bearer)
DEAD RANCH - False Negative (Self-Released)
EXHAUSTION - Another Wreckage (Destructure)
WARSICK - Fight To Break Control (Self-Released)
MOBLISH - Feed on the Flesh (Self-Released)
OMERTA - Fight or Flight (Self-Released)
DEAD GAKKAHS - Summer Never Comes Again (Family Values)

THE HENTCHMEN – Plumbline Stomp (Norton)
GRAVEDIGGER V – Stoneage Stomp (Voxx)
LEMONHEADS – Fed Up (Taang)
THE LOCOMOTIONS – Tell Her (Savage)
AGENT ORANGE – Pipeline (Posh Boy)

FIRING SQUAD - Waiting for Death (Agitate)
PRESSING ON - Blocked by A Wall (Self-Released)
SELKASAUNA – Haistavittu (Self-Released)
ESTADO - En el nombre de dios (Self-Released)
SCUMRAID – Addiction (Self-Released)
TIGHTLIP - Don't Care (Self-Released)
ATAXXIA – 03 (Self-Released)
OUTCRY – Walking (Self-Released)

A3 DANS LE WC – Photo Coleur (Soul Jazz)
IGGY AND THE STOOGES – Gimme Some Skin (Bomp)

OBEDIENCE - Wiped Clean (Self-Released)
ACRYLICS – Reassurance (Iron Lung)
BLOODY HAMMER - Collector Scum (Self-Released)
LYSOL – Wired (Total Punk)
MALE PATTERNS – Depression (Unreleased)
SHORT ORDER – Shackled (Self-Released)
FRIED EGG - Side By Side (Self-Released)
ORNITORRINCOS - La Distancia (Crapoluet / Annoying / No Glory)
THE DISHRAGS - Carry On (Other People's Music)
POLICE CONTROL – Ejection (Self-Released)

KING CANS – Outcast (Self-Released)
PETITE - Gang Warfare (The Strike) (Self-Released)
DUFFY'S CUT - Keep It Moving (Oi! The Boat)
RADIO DELETE - 70’s Kids (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Montreal in the vein of Proxy with that Blitz worship, which can be downloaded from bandcamp.

ULTRA RAZZIA – A La Derive (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – De Profondis (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – Dans le Gueule de Loup (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – Croire (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – A La Derive (Self-Released)
ULTRA RAZZIA – A La Derive (Self-Released)

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Radio - Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Tonight's show features the best new releases from April, a feature on Toronto's post punk origins courtesy of Nick Smash, and a demo feature by Ottawa's Durs Coeurs. Download a copy of tonight's show here.

LAST DAYS - Torn In Two Parts (Blame the Victim)

BURNOUT - Survivors of Suicide (T Live a Lie / Blast House)
LACE - Youth Hinge (Iron Lung)
DROPDEAD - The Final Chapter (Armageddon)
HVAC – T&S (Self-Released)
KORROSIVE – Maniac (Distort Reality)
WARSICK - Fight to Break Control (Unreleased)

Y2K - Sickle Swings (Self-Released)
GOVERNMENT FLU - Misplaced Anger (Refuse)
AGENT - Endless Disposal (Ciabatta Brain)
S-21 - Year Zero (World Gone Mad)
NOSFERATU - Spectator  (Self-Released)

HEADSPLITTERS - Severed Hand (Self-Released)
HELLO BASTARDS - If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?(Refuse)
SCRAPS - Wrapped Up (Be Yourself)
RENDER USELESS - Desperation Days (Slow to Burn)

Top 10 - April 2017
URANIUM CLUB - That Clown's Got A Gun (Static Shock)
HAISTELIJAT - Plenta Kohounaa (Nuuhkaja / Joteskii Groteskii)
HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - You Had Better Enjoy Treating People Like Shit While You Can (To Live a Lie / Riotous Outburst)
BEARTRAP – Kneel (To Live a Lie / Riotous Outburst)
THE UNKNOWN THREAT - No Escape (Self-Released)
ACCIDENTE – Complicidad (Pfia)
CAREER SUICIDE - Row on Row (Deranged)
VIIMEINEN KOLANNA – Tie (Self-Released)
ABNORMI - Sota on Helvetti (Self-Released)
CONCEALED BLADE - Blame Game (Beach Impediment)
CORRECTIVE MEASURE - No Acceptance (Refuse)

Nick Smash, of Smash It Up zine and Alone and Gone, put together a look at Toronto's post-punk origins through a series of hard to find compilations and cassette releases, which is timely given how much of the current scene is influenced by early new wave and general outsider punk. Here is a closer look at some of what Toronto had to offer. Thanks to Aldo Erdic for his production work on this. 

BREEDING GROUND – Mind the Gap (Self-Released)
WOODS ARE FULL OF CUCKOOS – Awesome Penguins (Self-Released)
KINETIC IDEALS – Deadman's Cadence (Self-Released)
FIFTH COLUMN - Hit the Dirt (Urban Scorch Compilation)
THE PARTY'S OVER – Half Life Curve (Urban Scorch Compilation)
THE STURM GROUP – Upon a Nerve (Green Fuse)
RENT BOYS INC. - High Meat (Self-Released)
L'ETRANGER – Light in the Morning (Sounds from the Streets)
BLOODFIRE – Natty Dub (Self-Released)
JAMES GRAY – Come out of your Shell (Nervous Recordings)
THE VITAL SINES - Rhythm of Dark (Self-Released)
UGLY MODELS – Not for Me (Smash Tapes)

Tonight's demo feature is from a band from Ottawa. This was recorded in 2014. You can download the demo from bandcamp. The band is playing at Varning.

DURS COEURS – Piege (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – J'en Al Vu Assez (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – Les Memes Histoires (Self-Released)
DURS COEURS – Coeurs Durs (Self-Released)