Sunday, January 21, 2018

Radio - Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Tonight's show we feature System System from Hamilton. System System came in on November 28th to play at the station and stayed and recorded an interview where we talk about the band and their songs. Nate is on guitar and vocals, Jon is on bass and vocals and Grant is on drums. All three have been on the show before in other bands, but we play that name that band game in the interview. Download the show here.

SYSTEM SYSTEM – Voluntary Confinement (CIUT)
BLACK EYES CLUB - Lifeline (Self-Released)
BLACK EYES CLUB - System System (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM – Through the Window (CIUT)
SYSTEM SYSTEM – Home  Sweet Home (CIUT)
SYSTEM SYSTEM – High Fives and Shotguns (CIUT)
SYSTEM SYSTEM – Zero Light Emission (CIUT)

You can check out the band's release "Isolation" on bandcamp.

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Dallas called Obstruction and a demo called "Hardcore Hand". The songs we heard were

OBSTRUCTION – Detached Resolve (Self-Released)
OBSTRUCTION – Fight for your Will (Self-Released)

OBSTRUCTION – Hardcore Hand (Self-Released)

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Radio - Sunday, January 14th, 2018

Here is tonight's show.

PROM NITE - No Motivation (Barfbag)

THE NUMBER ONES - Breaking Loose (Static Shock)
THE CAVEMEN - Stand By Your Ghoul (Dirty Water)
BRAINS - Gun (It's Trash)
WAU Y LOS ARRGHS - El Manaero (Slovenly)
HOLLYWOOD SINNERS - Ultimo Cartucho (Dirty Water)

X-RAY SPEX - Warriors in Woolworths (EMI)
THE BUZZ - Sick at Heart (Redball / Sing Sing)
PETE NEWNHAM - Outside My Window
THE LOST SOULS - Wild Man (Self-Released)
BASS DRUM OF DEATH - Bad Reputation

The last of the year in review segments.

Top 10 Canadian for 2017
1. PLASTIC HEADS – Trouble (Self-Released)
2. BRUTAL YOUTH - V. Acceptance (Stomp)
3. DURS COEURS - L'eau et Le Feu (Discos MMM / Imminent Destruction)
4. SOCIETY'S ILLS - Winter (Self-Released)
5. SYSTEM SYSTEM - Apparition (Psychic Pain)
6. POWERBOMB - Brothers of Destruction (Self-Released)
7. QUE LASTIMA - Tierra Violada (Self-Released)
8. CAREER SUICIDE - Machine Response (Deranged)
9. ALIEN BOYS - Gentrifriction (Self-Released)
10. BALLOT BURNER - Straw Man (Harvest King)

Full Length
1. ACCIDENTE - Pulso (Self-Released)
2. CONCEALED BLADE - Bend the Steel (Beach Impediment)
3. IMPALERS - Nazi Burning Man (540)
4. MONGOLOID - Dick In The Dirt (Deranged)
5. FUCK YOU PAY ME - Douche Chills (Tankcrimes)
6. GASMASK TERROR - En Opposition (Destructure)
7. STRUL– Du Beskyller (Ken Rock)
8. RATA NEGRA - Espinas En El Corazón (La Vida Es Un Mus / Beat Generation)
9. CAPITALIST KIDS - Brute Farce (Brassneck / Eccentric Pop)
10. LIMP BLITZKRIEG - Nowa Wojna (Contraszt)

Best Re-Issues for 2017
1. CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS – Terminal Fun (Area Pinata)
2. SOTATILA - Raha (Kamaset Levyt)
3. RAXOLA – Wildcat 
4. FAST CARS - The Kids Just Wanna Dance
5. POISON IDEA - Castration
6. PHILIPPINE VIOLATORS - Wonderful World of Trash (Twisted Red Cross)
7. CRIMPSHRINE - Tomorrow (Numero Group)
8. NIP DRIVERS - Jane Goodall (Slope)
9. PERKELE – Cowards (Spirit of the Streets
10. PAGANS - Not Now, No Way (Breakout)
11. THE PROLETARIAT - White Hands (S-S Records)

Tonight's demo feature is the new Uncle Ray demo "Downer" brought to our attention Aggressive Rock. You can download the demo here

UNCLE RAY - Dark Mind (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY - Bothered (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY - Always Done (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY - Self Absorbed (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY - Empty (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY - I Hate You (Self-Released)
UNCLE RAY - Downer(Self-Released)

JOCK STRAP - Pig (Self-Released)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Radio - Sunday, January 7th, 2018

We started off tonight`s show with a song that makes fun of those who wax nostalgically which is appropriate for part 2 of a Year In Review hosted by Greg Benedetto for Not Dead Yet. Greg compiled a much greater playlist that had to be editted on the fly to fit into our two hour show, making loose themes around sound and regions. Have a listen

FASHIONISM - Back in the Day (Neon Taste)

INEPSY - Hand of Law (Run State)
IMPALERS - Nazi Burning Man (540)
KATASTROF - Falska Leenden (Beach Impediment)
PARANOID - Gyakusata Gambou (Konton Crusher)
URCHIN - Incendiary Weapons (Roach Leg)
EEL - Jump from Tower (Beach Impediment)

GAME - Marsz Tchorzow (Quality Control HQ)
SUBDUED - Choke Chain (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SARCASM - My Asthma (Static Shock)
NACHTHEXEN - Disco Creep (Harbinger)
RIXE - Paris-Est (La Vida Es Un Mus)

ANTI-SEX - Muerte (Thrllling Living / Cintas Pepe)
MURO - Exterminacion (Byllepest Distro)
PURA MANIA - El Ultimo Punk Que Planeta Tierra (Hysteria / Cintas Pepe)
RAKTA - Rodeados Pela Beleza (Iron Lung)

UNA BESTIA INCONTROLLABLE - Nosaltres Som Le Cran (La Vida Es Un Mus)
BARCELONA - Un Ultimo Utrasondo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
THE NURSE - (La Vida Es Un Mus)
GLUE - Clown of Thorns (La Vida Es Un Mus)

SANCTION A - Sullivan (Self-Released)
INSTITUTE - Prissy Things (Sacred Bones)
ORION - Execution (Cool Death)
TOTAL CONTROL - Vote Cops (Alter)

EXIT ORDER - Walk in Line (La Vida Es Un Mus / Side 2)
DAME - Glitch (Charm School)
PUBLIC TRUST - Everyone in East Boston Smokes (Self-Released)
AGGRESSION PACT - Buried and Rotting (Painkiller)
CONCEALED BLADE - Euthanize Me (Beach Impediment)

MASS ARREST - Pass Me the Dossier (Self-Released)
LIMP WRIST - Thick Skin (La Vida Es Un Mus / Lengua Armada)
S-21 - Brass Gavel (World Gone Mad)

LEBENDEN TOTEN - Security (Overthrow)
PMS 84 - Easy Way Out (Discos Infermos)
BRUPS - Raptonin (Svart)

HARAM - Eye for an Eye (Toxic State)

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Radio - Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Last show of the year seems like a good time to look back at the year and see what punk releases came out. Next week we will look at re-issues bu I started out this week's show with a new release of an old Vancouver punk band worth hearing. You can download the show here.

ZELLOTS – Let’s Play House (Supreme Echo)

Stephe's favourite EPs from 2017
1. FIRING SQUAD - Nothing Lost (Agitate)
2. ANCIENT FILTH - Crisis Cycle (Self-Released)
3. GOOLAGOON - Life of Crime (To Live A Lie)
4. CORRECTIVE MEASURE - No Acceptance (Refuse / Atomic Action)
5. RAT CAGE - Death Bed Blues (La Vida Es Un Mus)
6. PISSING MATCH – Drop the Act (Feral Kid)
7. TERROSTAT - Narkofob (Byllepest Distro)
8. AXE RASH – Dead Fish (Imminent Destruction / De Nihil)
9. YOUTH AVOIDERS – Crushing Machine (Destructure)
10. ULTRA - Libertad De Expresión (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Rob’s lists

It may have been a shit year in the world, but 2017 was a solid one for music. Picking a year-end retrospective is always tough as one tries to distill 365 days of tunes into a concise list. So here’s my choices for things that I heard that stood out for me, both from Canada and beyond. I tried to find at least a few that you may not have heard of and some you likely have. Here are Rob's bargain long johns which we talked about on the show.

PROTO IDIOT – Do It the Same (Slovenly)
FLAT WORMS – White Roses (Castle Face)
LA WOMEN – Count it on Down (La Vida Es Un Mus)
DIRTY FENCES – I can’t sleep at Night (Greenway)
BARONEN & SATAN – Buttermilk Sky (Dirty Water USA)
THE MONSIEURS – Get Right Get Ready (Black Gladiator)
TARANTULA – Fatal Age (Deranged)
SUICIDE GENERATION – London Blues (Dirty Water)
SWEET REAPER – No Kontrol (Self-Released)
CONTROL FREAKS – Psycho Magnet (Slovenly)

ROBOT –Silent Scream (Self-Released)
COMEBACK KID – Hell of a Scene (New Damage)
SORE POINTS – Be Alone (Hosehead)
PRIORS – Story Blind (Twintoe)
JEAN DADDY – Salmon Candy (Self-Released)
CORNER BOYS – Just Don’t Care (Drunken Sailor)
RADIUM DOXY – Rising Tide (Self-Released)
PROPAGHANDHI – Resiust / Comply (Deluxe Edition)
THE RIPTIDES – Happy Ever After (Something To Do)
NEEDLES//PINS – Back to the Bright (Dirt Cult)

Stephe's favourite demoes from 2017
1. DEAD HERO - Pelear para vivir (Self-Released)
2. HEAT – The Myth (Self-Released
3. OBSTRUCTION - Salvation (Self-Released)
4. DEPROGRAM - Depersonalize (Self-Released)
5. Y2K - The Penitent Thief (Self-Released)
6. DROOL – Smile Back (Self-Released)
7. ESCORT - Whore for Whore (Self-Released)
8. DIASPORA - 7 Years (Self-Released)
9. SOCIAL DIVORCE - No Pence Law (Self-Released)
10. STATE FUNERAL - Tory Party Prison (Self-Released)

11. DREAM PROBE – Hija De Su Madre (Self-Released)
12. RASHOMON - Develop and Genocide (Self-Released)
13. BATO - Litter (Self-Released)
14. TOTALOVE - Mas Vacio (Self-Released)
15. THE UNKNOWN THREAT - The End (Self-Released)
16. LETHAL DOSE – Thin Blue Noose (Self-Released)
17. IRON EYE – Wasted Time (Self-Released)
18. NADSAT - La última marcha (Self-Released)
19. GURM – Rip Exotica (Self-Released)

How can you not play this at midnight? Resisted playing the NOYS 

DIE TOTEN HOSEN – Auld Lang Syne (JKP)

Top 10 – December 2017

1. PISS "Stuck in the Gutter"(Static Age)
2. RASHOMON Demo (Society Bleeds)
3. CONDITION "Subjugated Fate"(Iron Lung)
4. PROM NITE "Dancing to the Beat" (Barfbag)
5. SHORT ORDER / DIVA CUP split (Minimal Care)
6. ZELLOTS "On the Dole" (Supreme Echo)
7. NO SKIN "Paying the Fine" (Give Praise)
8. ASS LIFE "A Couple Cold Ones" (Self-Released)
9. CHANNEL 3 "Put Em Up" (TKO)
10. ISS "Endless Pussyfooting" (State Laughter/Erste Theke Tontrager)

* TKO -

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Radio - Saturday, December 24th, 2017

This is the annual punk Christmas show hosted by Dave KW and Dave does not repeat any songs played from the last five years so this could be your new X-Mas playlist. The weather outside was truly frightful. Hera the show on the player above or download an MP3 of the show here.

DEAD END - Messy X-Mas (Crucifux)

LAUNCH CONTROL - My Name is Santa and I am a Punk Rocker (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Oh Santa Claus (Stiff Hombre)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Take the Tree Down (Stiff Hombre)
HUSKER DU - We Wish you a Merry Christmas (Warner)
RIPCORDZ - Do You Believe? (Self-Released)

DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD! - Black Christmas (Kink)
SS-20 - Wratoys on Christmas (No Pretense)
TOTAL MASSACRE - War on Christmas (Self-Released)
SLANG - City of Candles (Prank)

MISFITS - TV Casualty (Caroline)
SNFU - Happy Switch (Cargo)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Building Toys (Stiff Hombre)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Gingerbread Home (Jukebox)
DESCENDENTS - Christmas Vacation (SST)

BCASA - Deck the Halls 2 - The Rise of Lord Satan (Self-Released)
RILE 9 COLLECTIVE - Christmas Time - Los Angeles (Chapter 11)
THE DEAD ENDS - Silent Night Deadly Night (Rabbit)
HOMOSTUPIDS - Elves Childrens Choir (Cat)
THE DESTRUCTORS - X-Mas Spirit (Rowdy Farrago)

MORHEDZ - Demagorgan for Christmas (Self-Released)
MUD ON MY BRA - Tarantula Man (Self-Released)
DDT - Captain Morgan's Christmas (Virgin)
CUNT CUNTLY - All I Want for Christmas is You (Brutal Gear)

THE CAKE IS A LIE - Merry Motherfucking Christmas (Brutal Gear)
TRASHED AMBULANCE - 12 Inches of Christmas (Thousand Island)
ENIGMAS - Roadblacks are all over this town (Zulu)
THE PRISSTEENS - Christmas is a time for giving (Girlsville)
TOM HOLLISTON AND THE LOCAL JERKS - Christmas Office Party (Spider Invasion)
DAVE HAUSE - Season's Greetings from Ferguson (Sub City)

THE VIBRATOIRS - I Hate X-Mas (Raw Power)

Saturday, December 23, 2017